Why holistic practitioners and integrative medicine should have a place in our lives

What are Holistic Practitioners?

Holistic Practitioners and integrative medicineThe term Holistic Practitioner has been coined to describe what seems like a new phenomenon, practitioners who offer health and wellness practices relating to the complete person in the treatment of a disease.

Examples of holistic practitioners can be anything from some forms of chiropractic adjustment through to nutritionists, people who provide bodywork such as massage and reflexology and holistic practitioners who work with our body’s energy systems, improving our language patterns (use of language in a positive frame).

The field is growing and continues to expand into new areas as new research and development continues in the field of vibrational medicine.

Holistic practitioners are part of our history

It’s my belief that holistic practitioners have always been around in one form or other from tribal times.  Cherokee Indians would have a ‘moon maiden’ in their tribe who would use foot acupressure (reflexology) to help keep people well.

Herbalists have long help people with natural and alternative remedies, and tribal Shamans helped many people with pyscho-spiritual issues.

I believe that many ‘witches’ were probably powerful healers with herbs or holistic medicine and raised suspicion and caused power problems for establishments of that age (churches)…and were then burnt at the stake!  When I get hit by a skeptic and their views, sometimes the feeling is similar. 🙂

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine and holistic practitioners

An ancient holistic saying “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”

Integrative medicine is a term which is used to indicate practice where modern mainstream doctors (MDS in the US, GPS in the UK) combine their modern practices with more holistic or ‘whole’ methods.

As yet in my time in the USA (lived in 4 states in 10 years) I haven’t met many doctors who are open to this approach.  If they are open, many just don’t know how to start integrating holistic practitioners into their practice.

The first time I met my doctor in Wichita, she asked for my reflexology card and openly said “It’s good to know there are people like you around, because I have many clients I prescribe drugs for that I know aren’t going to work, but I don’t know what else to do.”

This tells me that, somewhere along the line, despite the amazing job that many doctors do, their systems and their training are letting them (and us) down.

Here are three examples of how doctors practice integrative medicine with holistic practitioners

  • A doctor could work with a reflexologist for pre- and post-surgery patients to help them recover more quickly from surgery (in fact, Dr Oz has been quoted as saying that he does this for his heart surgery patients because he gets better results).  If a top heart surgeon can do it, so can other doctors!
  • Cancer patients under a doctor’s care could work with holistic practitioners who specialize in helping with emotional release, such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or the EMF Balancing Technique® (balancing the electromagnetic field around the human body.)*
  • A patient with diabetes under a doctor’s care could work with a nutritionist or a naturopath to help balance their system better using diet and other natural remedies.

*New scientific evidence is beginning to clarify evidence that many cancers can develop when people hold negative emotional states in the body for years.  As Louise Hay says in her book You Can Heal Your Life (Gift Edition)holistic practitioners“Cancer is resentment, long held in the body”.

Why I became a holistic practitioner and the elephant in the room

holistic practitioners and integrative medicine

Health Insurance – the elephant in the room

I became a holistic practitioner because I was always energy sensitive (although I didn’t know what to call it when I was younger) and noticed that I often intuitively ‘knew’ more about my wellness than the MD treating me.

Tired of feeling like I was simply a prescription trial for latest drug on this and that, I sought out holistic practitioners and got better results.

Here we come to the elephant in the room – health insurance.  Many holistic practices are still not available on health insurance so they are out of reach of many people, when there is so much help and healing on offer.  Just google ‘vibrational medicine’ or ‘holistic practitioner’ and see how many hits you get.

There are many ways in which a holistic practitioner working with a doctor in integrative medicine help your health – start by asking asking your doctor what is available

Become an informed consumer about holistic practitioners and ask your doctor what they know about integrative medicine.  This is a fast growing field and it’s up to doctors to get informed.

As consumers of healthcare, it’s time we took more responsibility for our own health.  One way the public can do it is by stopping asking your doctor ‘is there a pill for that?’ and starting to ask what holistic practices are available in your state and on your insurance.

I can assure you either way, the doctor’s answers will be eye-opening.

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