Why should your personal energy be so important to you? | Learning about your personal energy is good for your health

Personal energy – why should it be so important to you?

Personal Energy

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Chatting with my husband yesterday after talking online with a Russian EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner and teacher about her new personal energy practice.  (I’m a practitioner too).

The practitioner in question is Aleksandra Schumakher and she has moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in the USA to start an EMF Balancing Technique® business in this country (she worked full time in Russia as an EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner before her move).

Enthusiastically I said that it’s time the USA got on the EMF Balancing ‘wave’ since it’s being recognized by doctors and psychotherapists in many other countries.  My hubby said…”Are you sure it’s a wave and not a particle?”

(I laugh like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory).

For what it’s worth I thought it was humorous. 🙂

Our personal energy and the double slit experiment

My husband was referring to an experiment which was first performed in the early 1800s in an attempt to understand the nature of particles, in this case light particles.

Here we enter the quantum world of the very very small.  And it has big implications for your personal energy, so read on.

Here’s Dr Quantum’s guide to the double slit experiment.  A fascinating piece of viewing for adults and children alike.

In Quantum Physics we understand that our Personal Energy is made up of particles (and waves) – as is all matter in the universe

At least, that’s the theory to date.

In the double slit experiment it was established that the nature of the experiment changed when the particles (or waves) were being observed by the scientists.  Almost as if the energy knew ‘it was being watched’.

This goes into the realm of quantum weirdness as far as the scientific community goes.

In the world of personal energy practice, it’s a phenomenon that I’ve experienced as an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner when working on both myself and clients.  Clients experience energy changes and shifts which can increase their well-being and quality of life.

So aside from quantum weirdness and weird energy practitioners like me, why should this interest you at all?

Balancing our personal energy is good for our health

One thing doctors, scientists AND personal energy workers are learning and agreeing upon is that balanced energy in our bodies is better for us than unbalanced energy.

All of our body systems run better when our personal energy is balanced.

Many forms of personal energy work help our bodies reach homeostasis, or balance, from reflexology, through to acupuncture, yoga and affirmation work.

How are you going to balance your personal energy today?

If you learn more about how it feels to have balanced personal energy, I can assure you from my own personal experience that you will want to feel balanced more of the time.

If your personal energy was more balanced today, what would be possible for you?

When I have balanced personal energy I am __________________________

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  2. I believe balancing our personal energy first can then lead to peace amongst others!

  3. I am not aware what my personal energy is. How do I find it and how would I use it for my personal development, but this inputs makes me realize and makes me answer my questions.

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