Acting on grief – messages from a Loved One

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Margaret Elizabeth Hubbard (nee Lawrence), January 3rd 1928-July 27th 2010

Acting on grief – anniversaries still hurt

All of a sudden it hit me today. My mum’s birthday was January 3rd and it passed me by. We are busy, two girls back into Middle School, the oldest heading to High School later this year. Busy, busy.

Still, it hurts when an anniversary goes by and I missed it – or maybe I wanted to miss it. Sometimes there’s only so much we can deal with. My mother transitioned in 2010. Despite the fact that over 5 years has passed it still gets to me.

Until you are in this process, it’s impossible to understand how gut wrenching some moments can be. Many of us stuff emotions like this simply because we have to function. Get everyone to school, move through life, move on.

Grief still hurts on the spiritual journey

Despite the fact that I have a lot of spiritual comfort through messages from my mother and other Loved Ones, it still gets to me just as much as anyone else. Don’t think I’m exempt, because I’m not – after all, why should that be?

So today I was ready to slump into a blob of sadness, because today is rainy and cold, the girls despite already being tired are at their second day of school and I need to clean up the house. You get the picture.

I headed out to run errands and got a very strong image. Desserts. Strawberry jelly to be exact (US translation, strawberry jello). Then I received a very strong message from my mum, make strawberry jelly/jello and present it after dinner in pretty glasses, whipped cream, sprinkles and all.

The message was

“This is how I used to make myself feel better on particularly difficult days. When I made a nice dessert, it brightened everybody’s day and finished the day on a high note. What else is there?”.

Thanks mum.

So, the jelly/jello is made. I know the girls will like it because I hardly ever make desserts during the week. It will be different and I will remember my mum.

Big hugs to our Loved Ones. Xxxx

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  1. Beautiful reminder Sarah. Namaste to you and your mother. For me I’ve come to the realization that I don’t want to skip over any of my feelings. How amazing that you get to feel whatever it is you are feeling!! It is my feelings that add color and depth to my human experience, not to be missed. The trick for me is not to get stuck in any one type of emotion, then it begins to twist and before I know it I am wallowing, which never brings depth or understanding, usually just misery. Go Jello!

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