Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves Part II | Working on my own #bigfatlies by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves Part II – Starting work on my own Big Fat Lies by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

big fat liesbig fat liesI reviewed the book Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch Your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstarbig fat lies
recently (here’s the link to the first review) and have been working through the book subsequent to this.

It really is a jam-packed personal development tool for women (and men, actually) and definitely deserves several revisits over time to continue to work through anything in this area that may come up for you…once you get the energy moving in the arena of your inner critic, negative self-talk, or internal dialogue…and it’s called many things, guarant-dang-teed there’ll be more work to do!

Why I think Amy Ahlers chose to work with our Big Fat Lies and why I believe the tools are so useful

Fairy tales tell us that some words have magical impact on the world…even from a young age we’re taught ‘Abracadabra!’ and to ‘use our words’.

The Harry Potter series of books created a world where words have the ultimate power, to stop people in their tracks, transform matter…and even kill.

We may not be that far along in this reality…but I sincerely believe after some years of study and thought with behavioural models such as NLP™ and the Mythoself™ Process that words do have power.

It’s scientifically proven that we need to process words in our brains in order to understand what is being said or described to us and that we have to go through an associated chemical reaction inside our brains and bodies in order to process these words, whether that chemical reaction has a positive, or negative, connotation.

Especially the words that we tell ourselves…and that includes our Big, Fat, Lies!

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; for it becomes your destiny.”  (Upanishads.)

Here she comes – my inner critic!


Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves

It’s the eyes – they follow me everywhere!

And one of the first ones is to draw your inner critic.  Well, I took some time to draw mine and I have to say she somewhat creeps me out.  Here she is.  I drew her in my journal.

Being creeped out by my inner critic must be a good thing, because I’m starting to see her as not such a good energy to have around!


Interesting to note also that she reminds me of a couple of my (not so so favorite) teachers from school and college!  :-/

And what she’s holding, by the way, is the ‘rule book’.  Interesting…

More on my Big Fat Lies as I work through the book over time – next blog post, my Inner Superstar!

The other part of this exercise is to write down what your inner critic says to you and where she ‘shows up’ (e.g. at home, in bed, out working etc).

This exercise is really like an X-ray into your psyche (or like a really good dental X-ray…you know one of those where you really didn’t know what was in there, but you’re really glad you found it early!).

Here are two examples of the things my inner critic says to me (and even doing this exercise by the way, makes me vow not to listen to her any more).

You’ll never get it all done anyway, so why bother?”  and  “What are you trying to do now, you stupid, stupid woman?”

Seriously?  Whoa.  I wouldn’t say that to my worst enemy given the choice, let alone my best friend…but I’ve been saying that to myself?  Sheesh.

Now working on my Inner Superstar…more in another post!

Big Fat Lies Resources and web site links

If you want to hear more from Amy Ahlers and this body of work she’s created, she’s appeared on The View, here’s the link

Amy on Twitter: @wakeupcallcoach

Her Facebook Page is

Twitter hashtag to follow conversations and work with resources #bigfatlies

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  1. Hi. What a wonderful blog. I don’t have time to go through it all now, but I would like to come back again. I am very interested in words too. Lately I have been noticing more about how we get so caught up in semantics – where we can be saying basically the same thing but insist that the other person is wrong because he or she doesn’t use our same framework. I notice this a lot in religion.

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