Using Reflexology

Reflexology is not massage, it’s acupressure and it stimulates your nervous system

Using ReflexologyReflexology is a form of acupressure for the feet, hands and ears. Nerve endings are stimulated according to mapped out locations or ‘reflexes’, which relate to all the organs and systems within the human body.

People experience many benefits from reflexology including relief from painful symptoms, detox benefits, clearing of some long term health issues and a very powerful relaxation response.

As a state certified reflexologist (from Maryland) and a Mom On A Spiritual Journey :-), I have found many uses for this skill in the professional and personal frame.

My sessions include the use of therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils and some energy balancing work also.

You can learn reflexology easily to help yourself and other family members – although a session from a professional is best!

American reflexology has an interesting history, and you can become state certified in many states now, but you don’t necessarily need a qualification to benefit from using reflexology to help your children, family and friends with issues that could be eased and relieved by a reflexology session.

It’s really easy to learn the basics and helpful for all concerned.

You can follow this blog for helpful suggestions where reflexology can be applied. Both my children ask me to work their feet when they’re feeling stressed and unwell or perhaps feel they have a virus or illness coming on.  Not to mention my husband!  🙂

If you’re interested in a professional qualification, then the American Reflexology Certification Board is a good place to start.

Help ease chronic symptoms with reflexology and in some cases avoid a visit to the doctor for relief from minor issuesusing reflexology

It’s easy to do and (bar the restrictions listed below) you can do no harm!

And if a cold clears up or a child has a more comfortable night, then it’s a bonus for you and your child, who knows, you might even save yourself an insurance co-pay!

That has certainly been my experience, along with many occasions where a flu or a cold or ache or pain was stopped in its’ tracks.

Conditions where reflexology is not recommended

Please note that reflexology is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy, for anyone who has a history of blood clots or is taking blood thinning medication, or on any areas of skin that are broken, excessively peeling or that have a fungal infection.


Also please note – do not work the hands, feet or ears this way if somebody you’re working with has drunk alcohol recently – it’s very stimulating and you could make them sick!

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