Hello gallbladder cleanse and helloooo emotions!

Cleanse the gallbladder and liver, release emotions?

align your life with your heartI’ve learned through experience that emotions can be unlocked from our muscles with a deep massage, or felt through our chakras during meditation.

But stored and released from our organs?  This one is a head trip, or more accurately a body trip.

The Roby Chart (left) tells us that the gallbadder is connected to the solar plexus chakra (in yellow on the chart) and that it is responsible for the emotion of rage.

Louise Hay tells us in You Can Heal Your Life that gallstones relate to bitterness, hard thoughts, condemning and pride.

The affirmation to help clear this pattern is…

There is a joyous release of the past.  Life is sweet and so am I.


John Edward tells us that the Solar Plexus is connected to the element of Fire, our ego identity and oriented to Self-Defintion.

I’m trying a gallbladder cleanse to ease gallbladder attacks

Two gallbladder attacks and I’m on the phone an old friend who is the gallbladder and liver queen.  She also helped me write this post about the vagus nerve.

We have known each other a long time (ex-Navy spouses) and she has worked through many products to keep herself well.

Now it’s my turn.  I eat reasonably well (for a Brit abroad on the Kansas Prairie).  I had two pregnancies later in a life….IBS when I was younger and during the last few years I’ve been lazy and off and on with a healthy diet.

Now the unhealthy parts are coming home to roost

I had eaten a Thai dinner cooked by my husband and it just wasn’t going down well…that was not the unhealthy part.

The too-regular chocolate bars and trips to Starbucks were coming home to roost.

In the middle of watching The Good Wife, pain.  Stabbing pain under my right rib cage and up under my shoulder blade.  Ow, ow, ow.  Enough to take my breath away and make me scared.

Essential oils, reflexology points, hot packs and homeopathic remedies can ease the discomfort of a gallbladder attack

Hotpacks applied, 4 hours later, I remembered a gallbladder NER remedy I had in the cupboard (homeopathic remedy combined with 5 element acupuncture theory).  I took it.  Then I took homeopathic hystaminum (good for allergic reactions and inflammation).  Seemed like the right thing to do.

Things began to die down.  Then it went.  Oh, OK, I’m better.


2 weeks later…same thing, same time.  This time I had felt it coming on all day but worked on the house and garden because I had so much energy.

Symptoms of an impending gallbladder attack – a person may need to have a gallbladder cleanse if…

– going to the bathroom becomes irregular, too regular, or just plain odd
– the joints and body ache (toxins)
– a headache when drinking coffee (and I drink decaf – my friend told me that it’s a sign my liver is jammed up)
– extreme body tiredness….just…can’t…get…the…body…moving
– energy spikes OMG I’ve done the housecleaning, laundry, baked and have still not stopped (OK that was the week before last)
– sore lymph nodes in my right armpit which come and go (lymph system jamming and then clearing above the gallbladder area).

What about other energy in motion…E-motions in the gallbladder?

Flashbacks galore, old memories and old feelings associated with those memories are rising up and popping like the steam on a bowl of boiling soup.

A recent dream

A very lucid dream about being in my old junior school classroom (1st grade for those in the US).

Mrs Noyse was the teacher’s name. She was very controlled and somewhat controlling, a good teacher but she made me drink lukewarm milk because it was free at school.

It got delivered in the am and sat outside our classroom all morning. Bleecccchh. It was the full-flat kind with the cream on top.

In my dream I was in the classroom, but as an adult doing a yoga class with my friends.  I had to open my wallet to pay for the class and in there was a $22 dollar bill. Then I dreamed I pooped my pants and woke up. :-0

Luckily the pants pooping was only in the dream!  I’m wondering…did the lukewarm milk upset my stomach? I never drank it separately as a child other than at school because it just made me feel unwell.

Perhaps I blocked an incident because of shame

My brain didn’t remember, but my gallbladder does.

(Later…I’ve done the full gallbladder and liver cleanse now, Epsom Salts, Olive oil…more in another post about that and more useful remedies).

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  1. Amazing article! Thanks a lot for such an information. During the last year I have read a lot about gallbladder disease. How to treat it, how to prevent it. But I have never read the information that includes such remedies as: essential oils, reflexology points, and others which can ease the discomfort during a gallbladder attack. Once again THANK YOU! galdbladderhelp.com

  2. I love to use essential oils for many home remedies. I agree that they can help with gallbladder problems and other various diseases. Great article!

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