I believe that certain friends and acquaintances are part of our lives as guides – James Van Praagh

I believe that certain friends and acquaintances are part of our lives as guides“I believe that certain friends and acquaintances are part of our lives as guides”

This was part of a quote from James Van Praagh on Facebook today.

The whole quote is…

I believe that certain friends and acquaintances are part of our lives as guides. They help us by giving us a perspective that is usually different from ours. Friends will see the best in us and stay with us during both good and bad times.

How to recognize certain friends and acquaintances as guides in the moment – be present

I’ve had experiences where I’ve been friends with people or worked with people, but it’s not been until later in the friendship – or after the friendship has ceased to be current – that I realize that person as a guide in my life in the spiritual sense.

(I’ve moved a lot during the last 10 years, 4 different States, quite the journey).
Your experience of sharing time with a friend or acquaintance and the value you place on those experiences can grow exponentially if you can be in the moment and realize that “Oh, this is part of my spiritual development and part of a bigger plan, also“.

I’ve been fortunate to experience enough of these occurrences now that I stay aware for signs, such as…

  • The person is from a very different background than you, but you share many common experiences (a ‘resonance’)
  • They may not seem your normal or previous ‘type’ as a friend or acquaintance but you’re inexplicably drawn to spend time with them, nonetheless
  • They alternately annoy you/upset you or draw you in, by turns (not enough to be someone who’s ‘bad’ for you though, more in the sense of a challenge)
  • All of a sudden you find yourself working with them in some way…even if a lot of time passes between meetings, the meetings are intense, and useful
  • Suddenly you notice a quality or something powerful about the person that you hadn’t noticed before

Do what you can to recognize certain friends and acquaintances as guides – and thank them!

There’s that famous Buddhist quote “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

I sometimes think the guides, or teachers appear whether we’re ready or not – and it’s time, whether we like it or not!

I’m currently working with someone and it’s surprised us both that suddenly, after knowing each other for a while as social and work friends…now we’re doing all this spiritual work together and helping each other as women, also.  So, in the moment we thank each other for the work that we are doing, for us both.

A guide can be as simple as a new pet if you pay attention to the signs, or it can arguably be one of your children, a relative, or simply someone you met on the street who said something impactful.

Either way…look out for the signs!

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