Lee Carroll Kryon and the New Normal

Here it comes the 11:11 along with the New Normal

Snorting with laughter as I start this blog post.  The last few days the 11:11 has been making itself known very loudly.

new normalThis morning in the car I reached 111,100 miles and my eyes were drawn to it helplessly — so I stopped and took a picture — and first thing this morning posted some references today to Kryon’s talk of the New Normal (channeled through Lee Carroll, well known author and speaker).  So as I was sitting here I said out loud “Am I going to blog about the New Normal?” and my eyes flicked to the computer clock…it’s 11:11.  So, I am!

What is the New Normal?

Lee Carroll who channels Kryon says the “New Normal” is here to stay.  More people are having lucid dreams, spiritual awakenings, premonitions and intuitive growth from strengthening psychic abilities through to connecting with Loved Ones who have passed through the veil. Perhaps like many things we have always had these experiences as humans, but now we can talk about them freely in the West without fear of persecution or disdain.  Not that we don’t receive these energies from some people still…it’s just that thank g-d most people don’t act on them now!  Human rights and free speech have come a long way in the Western world. This is the New Normal.  More of us are becoming aware of the fact that we are all connected.  We can’t just throw trash away ‘somewhere’ because our awareness has expanded enough to understand that ‘somewhere’ isn’t ‘nowhere’ — it’s somewhere else on our planet and we are all responsible and at some point the tides and winds will wash the same trash back onto our beaches from whence it came. The New Normal is noticing synchronicity as it happens and staying present and in the moment long enough to notice the connections…sometimes even ahead of time with a premonition, even staying present long enough to notice energy patterns and how some of the greater patterns all connect together.

Bending time?  The New Normal

Many of my Akashic Records clients especially are noticing the time bending effect.  Sometimes during readings and sometimes just during the day when they are working or running errands.  What used to take us an hour only takes us a few minutes…or an enormous amount of time can go by very quickly…and not just because we are enjoying ourselves!  I believe our ability to perceive the nature of reality is changing and as it does our perception of time changes with it.

Visions, ‘visitors’ and spiritual shifts – The New Normal too

Many people are noticing interesting visual effects that were perhaps out of the human spectrum of awareness before.  There’s those strange ‘orbs’ in photos…now appearing for some to the naked eye…I’ve seen a few and often see colored sparkles around my children as I’m putting them to bed in a darkened room. Jonas Elrod in his documentary Waking Up and now his SuperSoulSunday series In Deep Shift is bravely sharing both his and others journeys of growth and opening Spiritual awareness.

3D, 4D, 5D and moreD

Jim Self is now online teaching us about new perceptual realities.  Those waking up are talking about 3D (everyday awareness) as opposed to 4D, 5D and beyond and physicists are talking about it too.

Whether we are waking up or not, realizing it or not…many of us are experiencing life at a different vibratory rate from this point forward.  And that is the New Normal.

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