SuperSoulSunday starts off with a bang and In Deep Shift

SuperSoulSunday new season – hooray!

Wishing you All a double rainbow Christmas Eve! #falala

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Oprah on New Years Eve 2014 – double rainbow!

Sunday 15th February saw a new Season of SuperSoulSunday start

Father Richard Rohr started off the new SuperSoulSunday season with an insightful look into the nature of relationships and freely admits that “despite being a company man” he understands that Religion can be the best of things and also the worst of things for so many people.

I thoroughly enjoyed Oprah’s interview with him and look forward to many quality interviews with people of all faiths and experience as we move through this season of SuperSoulSunday.

Oops watch your feet we’re in Deep Shift

Remember Jonas Elrod? He was the star of Wake Up released in 2011 (also screened on OWN) about his sudden spiritual awakening and his ability to sense energies and entities.

Jonas is back with a new OWN exclusive series called In Deep Shift.  In this series he will be interviewing people who have had some kind of breakdown (spiritual awakening).

Sunday last the series kicked off with Jonas meeting Mary Neal. Mary is “a surgeon, a scientist and a woman of deep faith”.

After a kayaking accident Mary Neal died, was with without oxygen and not resuscitated for 24 minutes.

Breakdown or wake up In Deep Shift?

Jonas talks about us experiencing breakdowns that become a wake-up call. The biggest life breakdowns can cause us to ask some serious questions.

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What happens to me after I die?


Back to Mary Neal In Deep Shift

Whilst kayaking Mary found herself in a position where she had to kayak over a large waterfall and as she look down she could see that it was not going to turn out well for her.  After kayaking over the the waterfall, Mary and her kayak were forced downward into the water and she drowned (past 90 seconds you are not breathing any more).  She was underwater for 12 minutes before she could be reached.

She said that she “felt her spirit peeling away from her body” up and out of the water and greeted by a group of people/beings/spirits.  She felt welcomed and wanted to stay.

Tom Long, a friend who tried to resuscitate her said she was blue and they were into it for 24 minutes…then he decided to shout at her “don’t die Mary, take a breath Mary!”

Mary had a precognition whilst she was out of her body

Mary was told by her guides and spirits that she had more work to do, so reluctantly she returned to her body.

“We always want to find an explanation that we can understand – other than something that is Divine.”


After a battery of inconclusive tests Mary came to the conclusion that her survival and recovery were “absolutely beyond science”.  As a scientist she was hoping to make sense of her experiences through science – it seemed impossible to explain however how she was without oxygen for so long…yet experienced no brain damage.

In Deep Shift – a precognitive knowing

The most heartbreaking part of this story was the loss of Mary’s oldest son, knowledge given to her when she was out of body.  You can read more about her out body experience in her book To Heaven and Back: A Doctor’s Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story – she says of her experiences that she was given a ‘mandate’ to share her experiences with others.

After her recovery she said she woke up every day hoping for a different outcome for her son…for over 10 years.

Finally guided to write the manuscript of her experiences – she finished writing 2 hours before her son was killed standing at an overlook.   A young driver distracted by his cellphone drove into her son and he died at the scene.

A meditation In Deep Shift

Mary has some beautiful words to say about her experience, her foreknowledge of her son’s passing and where she is now as she moves through her grief.

When I was sent back to my body and being told about the coming death of my oldest son – I had no regrets – had nothing unsaid, I knew that he didn’t have pain and I also know where he is – and he’ll probably be the first person to greet me during my next go round.


In the end I think I have been prepared my whole life to do this.


The program ends with a beautiful mediation with people from different backgrounds and faiths.

This 30 minute program left me humbled and touched. Mary has had so much to deal with yet still continues to see so many gifts in her Journey and her situation.

Looking forward to the next episode of In Deep Shift!

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