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missrepresentation #notbuying itMiss Representation The Movie – I’m tired of the media objectifying women and I’m #notbuyingit

If you haven’t heard of or seen this Miss Representation, see if you can find a way to watch it.

I believe it’s a groundbreaking movie for everybody, men and women alike.

I became interested in Miss Representation after my husband noticed a link online.

We have two daughters and both of us have become concerned as our children grow older that ‘hooker’ fashion seems to be prevalent and that sexual boundaries are being broken down.

And I don’t mean in an evolutionary or open-minded way for society (after all, I wouldn’t want to go back to the Victorian era and all that suppression).  I mean in a dis-empowering way for women.  Here’s a link to the trailer.


I didn’t think I was a victim of Miss Representation until I saw the movie

Now I know I’ve posted a link to this movie before, (lined up against that awful Halloween Candy Walmart ad that I object to).  If you click on this link, you’ll see the link to the ad was removed.

Guess Walmart didn’t want any negative opinions expressed about their campaigns, even constructive ones.  There’s a message for you, right there.

I honestly thought that I was a fairly modern woman and had not been influenced by the media that much until I saw this Miss Representation.

I learned a new word, for me, being ‘objectified’. Oh. That’s one of the reasons why I often have feelings roiling around about being…

  • inadequate because I’ve been unable to lose more baby weight than I have
  • invisible because I’m over 40
  • judged for my appearance by women in public places (hey, I’m an energy worker, I can see it happening whether you think you’re hiding it or not).

To stop Miss Representation we first need to de-program ourselves

When I’ve mentioned the Miss Representation movie to friends, I’ve had some interesting responses, from people being very uncomfortable and resistant through to genuine interest.

IMHO I think a lot of women actually like being objectified and haven’t given it much thought.  After all, having everything you want and more (bigger boobs, white picket fence, add your dream here ___________) is kind of sort of seen as everybody’s right in this country.  Or is it a Miss Representation?

But what if it’s not good for us or our children’s future in society?  After all, it’s been scientifically proven that extended exposure to media changes our brains and the way we think and with average media exposure for children shown to be around 10 hours per day (not in my house, call me old-fashioned if you like) there is a lot of brain changing going on.

Well, honestly, I believe that a lot of marketing is an illusion and an illusion and a dream are not the same thing.  Illusions (as this definition) are what media marketeers show us so we will spend money.  Period.

Dreams are what we hope to have for ourselves, from the inside, not the outside.

 How to join the #notbuyingit movement with Miss Representation

If you use Twitter the Miss Representation website have launched the following campaign using the #notbuyingit hashtag.

This from Miss Representation.org (you can sign up for updates online)


Dear Sarah,

Black Friday has passed, but we know the shopping madness in America is only beginning.

Over the next few weeks, millions of people in this country (and in places all around the world) will spend many millions of dollars on gifts for family, friends and loved ones. So what better time to take action around our spending habits? Voting with our money is one of the most powerful ways we can impact the society we live in.

That’s why we are launching a campaign on Twitter, inspired by Girls For a Change, to keep track of the positive choices we make when buying gifts this year. If you see a product or advertisement that misrepresents or degrades women – whether in a store, online or in a magazine – here’s what you can do to make a difference:

1. On Twitter, post a description or picture of the offensive item with this hashtag: #notbuyingit

ex. “The ads displayed at Abercrombie & Fitch are degrading to women. I wanted this sweater but now I’m #notbuyingit

2. If you’re not on Twitter, send us an e-mail (imran@missrepresentation.org) about what you’ve seen and why it bothers you, and we will post it for you!

If enough of us publicly tell these companies that we won’t buy into their offensive advertising or products, we can get their attention and see real change happen! In the past few months alone, we’ve seen corporations as big as JCPenney and Forever 21 change practices in reaction to public outcry.

We really appreciate your continued support of our campaign and all the small actions each of you are taking daily. We are reading all your stories of courage and commitment and look forward to many more to come. So keep sending them in!


Jennifer Siebel Newsom and the Miss Representation.org team

Miss Representation Online Resources

Website: http://www.MissRepresentation.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissRepresentationCampaign

Twitter: @RepresentPledge

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  1. Do you have a copy of this movie? Looks interesting and obviously something that women start dwelling on from an early age. I hate seeing that the girls are already mired in it.

    • I have one on DVR Naomi…be nice to get a small group to come around and view!

      The movie isn’t released on DVD as yet but we could get a screening hosted somewhere here in Wichita…let me know if you have any contacts in that area…I can post on FB too.

      It is a truly eye-opening movie Naomi. Thanks for commenting!


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