Prayers for Japan

The internet…now we’re part of the world, or is the world part of us?

I know many people have been moved and saddened by the recent earthquake in Japan and the following tsunamis. 

What I find interesting to reflect on during this tough time is how my perspective and view of the world has been changed by the ability to see events like this almost as soon as they happen, as well as being able to continue to hear, see and feel what is happening during the aftershocks, rescue and recovery.

I think that technology has played a big part in this shift in perspective. 

People can now report directly from where they are using small video cameras and video phones…without an intermediary news reader or media filter being put in place.  I hope ultimately that this will create a great heart shift within us and other people all over the world, as we feel what they feel and our perspective is changed.

It’s happening with weather reports, too

Today I noticed on the Weather Channel that they chose to report the weather in Japan.  Another shift in perspective, at least for today! 

When I was visiting the UK last year, I noticed that instead of the ‘flat’ weather map of my childhood, a more 3-dimensional map was displayed with the main continent in view and weather being seen from a ‘side-on’ perspective instead of a ‘top-down’ perspective. 

Weather (and earthquakes) are a universal phenomenon and always have been.  Now we are beginning to see that for ourselves as our perspectives are being widened.

Whether you like Facebook or not, it’s playing a part

A lot of people dislike Facebook for a number of reasons.  I use it in a very specific way to connect with worldwide communities of different thinkers.  This is happening on Twitter, too, again, whether you like Twitter or not!!  🙂  

So, watching the communities I connect with online (plus a little TV) I found some useful ways to help people Japan both practically and spiritually and have posted them here.  Thank you to everyone on my list for contributing.  

Ways to help practically, spiritually and energetically

  1. If you would like to contribute financially, one of the ways you can do this in the USA is to text ‘REDCROSS’ from a a cell phone to ‘90999’.   If you reply to their message you can donate $10 to the Red Cross automatically when your bill is paid at the end of the month.  Here’s a link to the Red Cross online newsroom for information and updates.  
  2. If you believe in good energy and/or the power of prayer and would like some words, the renowned author Paula Coelho posted this wonderful prayer on his online blog.  One of Paulho Coehlo’s best known books is a spiritual story called The Alchemist.  
  3. If you practice any form of energy work, then a great focus for this is the HeartMath Institute’s Global Coherence Project.  The mission of the HeartMath Institute is to help establish heart-based living by inspiring people to connect with the intelligence and guidance of their own hearts.  Now if you’re feeling a ‘woo woo’ moment coming on here, you’ll be interested to know that an enormous amount of the work that the HeartMath Institute does  is to research the influence of stressful emotions vs. positive emotions on our hearts.  The Institute designs positive programs, practical tools and personal development work to help us reduce heart stress.I have their EMF Wave and it’s a wonderful tool to show people how balancing the heart center affects the rest of our physiology.  In case you’re wondering, the HeartMath Institute is a non-profit organization.If you wish, you can visit their Global Coherence Room online (if you’re new to their site, you’ll need to create a login and a password) and actively participate with others in sending heart coherence (a physical and psychological state scientifically proven to be the most beneficial heart, mind and body state for us as humans)… and send heart energy to Japan for those in need.
  4. Finally, here’s a great link to a blog that a friend sent me on Facebook.  She has family and friends in Japan.  This is a link to the Causes Exchange blog which will show you an article containing links to organizations providing relief resources in Japan. 


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