What is the Soul? Some deep thoughts from the best of Spiritual deep thinkers on OWN Network’s SuperSoulSunday

What I often do on a Sunday morning

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I’m a big SuperSoulSunday fan – on Sunday mornings I’m often watching (and sometimes tweeting about) Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network.

Oprah interviews spiritual thinkers from many walks of life and at the end of each interview asks some deep questions which always result in some interesting answers.

I always enjoy the section where she asks…

What is the Soul?

Recently Oprah created a SuperSoulSunday episode which summarized these answers to date.

Here I’m sharing the answers from one of my favorite questions for your enjoyment.  I hope you find this an enjoyable and meditative read.

Panache Desai

The Soul is an infinite Ocean of just beautiful energy and presence made manifest in human form.  It an opportunity to fully express that energy while we are alive. It’s an invitation that we all have, just waiting to be accepted.

Robin Smith

An unshackled core of energy and light that mirrors back its’ own beauty.

Maya Angelou

The Soul is the Spirit that longs for ‘All’.

Dr Brian Weiss

To me the Soul is our real nature. We are not the body, we’re the soul. It’s the part of us that goes on, that never dies, that comes into physical form but it’s not complex, that’s our real nature.

India Arie

The real you. You do not have a soul, you ARE a soul, you HAVE a body.

Stephen Pressfield

The Soul is the Self with a capital ‘S’, it’s that part of ourselves, that is connected to God, the Divine Ground…the Soul is what survives the death of the body, and so if we can live on this plane according to the dictates of that Higher Plane, then we’ve really got something!

Bobby Williams

The Soul is a place where I live in silence, that’s my Soul.

Mariel Hemingway

I know my Soul is my connection to God.

Brené Brown

The Soul is …the sacred space where my head and heart meets – where God lives.

John Legend

Your innermost feelings, the truth that’s inside you, the art that’s inside you waiting to come out, I think that’s your Soul.

Dani Shapiro

The Soul is that which never dies

Mark Nepo

The Soul is the common center of Universal Spirit that seeds each human being.

And finally…

Sarah Lawrence Hinson (A Mom On A Spiritual Journey)

The soul is that part of universal consciousness which extends our energy into here and now as living beings.

Here’s some video clips from one of the earlier series

Spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson says the soul is at the center of who we are. Watch as she and other thought leaders, such as Gary Zukav and Deepak Chopra, share what the soul really is. Plus, see why Jean Houston’s definition left Oprah speechless.

What do you think the Soul is?

I’d love to hear your answers.


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  2. Hello from a fellow spiritual-mom-blogger! I am so glad to find your page. It seems most people talking about spiritual journey’s these days either don’t have children or their children are already grown. Maybe it’s because most moms are too busy cleaning up poo and spaghetti to think about their spiritual path. 🙂
    Anyhow, I am a big fan of SuperSoulSunday as well and just watched this episode last night. What do I think the soul is: hmm. I think the soul is that eternal, timeless, immortal part of us that is always connected to the source from which we came.
    Yeah, something like that.
    Have a great week!
    <3 Nicole

  3. Oprah, the soul is a guess of a mystical form, we can only imgaine.

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