Where to start on the Spiritual Journey? Some book recommendations from my new Astore at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

What to read on the Spiritual Journey

If you are an inveterate reader like myself, then you’ll be reading a lot of books on your Spiritual Journey.

I’ve often joked on this blog that I’ve developed an SBH – Spiritual Book Habit.

Some books though have impacted me more than others, and I continue to find them useful.

I’ve been on the Spiritual Journey for 16 years…and reading for a lot longer than that

The question is with all those Spiritual Books out there – where to start?

Mom On A Spiritual Journey Astore

(One of my) bookshelves…

After three years of writing this blog so far, I was mulling over how to compile many of the resources I use to help others on their Spiritual Journey too.

Some research led me to the Amazon Astore.  Since I’m an affiliate, I can create an Amazon Astore of my own.  Woo hoo!

So here it is, it’s also available as a widget on the blog as well as a link on this page.

Sarah’s Astore at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

I’ll be keeping the Astore updated

As I keep on writing, I’ll add more books and products.  At the end of the day, if you find one book that helps you (or movie, or product) then it’s paid for itself IMHO.

If you choose to buy books from me through the Astore, then I receive a small amount of commission to help defray running the cost of the website.

Thanks in advance and happy browsing!

Is there a book, movie or other Spiritual Tool you think needs adding to the store – let me know.


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