Why write a blog, anyway? And happy Homeopathy Day and Homeopathy Awareness Week April 10-16 2011!

Thanks, Mum!

So…I originally put this blog together for a few different reasons, and ‘found myself’ learning all about WordPress and self-hosting a blog when…

  1. My mum got very sick after receiving the H1N1 vaccination.  She died of pancreatic cancer 2 months after receiving the vaccination.  During her illness, she told me to carry on ‘my work’.  The work she was referring to was my inexplicable drive to attend workshops related to the study of energy medicine,  (study of energy medicine and alternative health practices…been studying for over 13 years now, practising reflexologist for 8 years…accredited EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner for 2 years, although been giving sessions for 8 years also, took me a while to complete accreditation while raising 2 small children and living in 4 different states!).         
  2. I realized after working with the EMF Balancing Technique® for many years that I was not honoring my ‘inner geek’ when moving along on my spiritual journey of becoming a more ‘whole’ person…so I started to study web software and WordPress.        
  3. I wanted to do something in honour of my mum (British spelling of honour, in her honour!).  She admitted to me when we were together towards the end that she ‘knew all about energy’ for years but had blocked her sensitivity and awareness.  I knew this as a child too, but realized that she wasn’t ready to admit it.  Between us we healed the past.  When I visited her in the hospice I would bring my essential oils (lavender was her favourite), give her EMF Balancing Technique® sessions and work with her hands (her feet were too sore to work with).  I know I was honoured to have those experiences with her and to be able to help her with her passing.We had several energetic experiences together while I spent time with her in the hospice, it was beautiful, empowering and instilled a great sense of peace in both of us.     

So what does all this have to do with World Homeopathy Day?

And as I was saying 🙂 …created the blog, started posting, started learning.  I have learnt so much already, and the journey continues!  Thanks to all the great people I’ve met so far both online and off!

Watch out for the skeptics…and being slimed by EGOO (Extreme Generalizations Of Others)

Writing about homeopathy is really interesting.  I will be writing more about other subjects, but at present there seem to be many issues surrounding homeopathy worth commenting upon.  Blogging about it is even more fascinating…especially so when it comes to people’s responses (both online, and off).  Some of the responses have been extremely negative, especially on Twitter.  One of the things I’ve learnt on my journey so far is that there is a big movement to prevent homeopathy’s success in the Western world.  I’m told (by ‘professional skeptics’) that this is because it’ doesn’t work’ and I am ‘just wrong’, oh, and Luc Montagnier also (Nobel Prize Winner) is also ‘just wrong’.  Hmmmnnn. When this happens, I just remember the time with my mum and have faith that I’m on the right track.  By the way, I needed to edit some of those comments since I refuse to reprint insults or swear words.  If you don’t believe me just check out the #homeopathy list on Twitter…it’s virulent but the people posting useful information on there are very patient!

My ‘anecdotal’ healing experience did not happen because it’s a story in my head…no honour there

The other negative feedback I get is that healing experiences in homeopathy are ‘purely anecdotal’ and do ‘not match the scientific model’.  Well, with that, I have to agree, but then again, it depends on which scientific model you are looking at!  What I do know for sure is that I have had healing experiences with homeopathy that cannot be attributed to the ‘placebo effect’.  I will share them anyway, if they help one person, then I have done my work.  And I already know that I have helped more than one person, even if it’s just a small group right now.

So, in my mum’s honour, here are some great links to excellent homeopathy resources.  This week is homeopathy awareness week in the USA and today is World Homeopathy Day!  Congratulations and thanks to all those hardworking homeopaths out there for everything they do, and here’s a wish for an end to all the insults and negativity a lot of Western homeopaths are having to endure right now.  And if you’re reading this as somebody interesting in learning more about homeopathy, or somebody who has had a healing story with homeopathy, then I think it’s important to ask yourself why would so many people write so much negative and abusive copy about homeopathy?  Just a thought.  Enjoy the links, and raise awareness!

http://www.homeopathyworldcommunity.com/ – Creating Waves of Awareness, excellent resources, great videos, thank you Debby Bruck!

http://www.homeopathic.com/Homeopathic_Revolution/index.html Dana Ullman’s informative site, lots of books and resources

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dana-ullman Dana Ullmans blog on the Huffington post – just a small blog, that one, he must be ‘just wrong!’ 🙂  Thank you, Dana!

http://www.mirandacastro.com/index.html Miranda Castro’s excellent website…I won her book from www.1800homeopathy.com  a while back, and I love the way she puts the information across.

http://www.hydrogen2oxygen.net/homeopathy-and-the-quantum-world/ An interesting blog post from an alternative science newsblog about the transformation of a homeopathy ‘skeptic’ (e.g. he actually tried the stuff!).

http://www.homeopathic.org/content/new-release-interview-with-research-scientist-dr-iris-bell-md-phd Interview from the National Center for Homeopathy with Dr. Iris Bell, M.D., Ph.D. discussing the latest scientific evidence as to how homeopathy works.

http://www.npr.org/2011/04/09/135266455/new-particle-if-proved-could-be-a-huge-revolution Just as an aside, a link to give you an idea of how quickly scientific models may be/are changing….

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