Using Homeopathy

Homeopathy – one of the earliest vibrational medicines

HomeopathyHomeopathy’s roots emerge from the findings, teachings and writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann  (1755-1843). Hahnemann graduated from medical school in 1779 and started his own medical practice.

He soon began his first homeopathic experiments in 1790, as a result of his disillusionment with such common medical practices of the day as purging, bloodletting, and the use of toxic chemicals.

(Sorry for the pun, but it sounds a little familiar!).  🙂

In the early days of the USA practicing homeopathy was suppressed by the established medical profession

Homeopathy was initially thriving in the United States in the early 1800s but due to pressure from the established medical profession practice almost ceased until its’ resurgence in recent years. 

Many people today are drawn to homeopathy’s gentle and natural remedies remedies in an attempt to avoid over-use of pharmaceutical drugs or antibiotics with their attendant side-effects.

I use homeopathic remedies for minor ailments with great success, both for myself and for my family

HomeopathyI use homeopathic remedies for myself and for my children.  I am not a homeopath, but have consulted with three different homeopaths throughout my life and found all of the treatments gentle and effective.

I have learned enough to effectively self-treat myself and help my children with minor ailments.

So far (fingers crossed!) my two girls have only had to receive antibiotics twice each in their lifetimes (they are age 8 and 7 respectively).

During those times I made a decision to go with antibiotic treatments because I was living in US locations where no local homeopaths were available.

As a British person, I have grown up in a country where we can buy homeopathic remedies in any street pharmacy, and where homeopathic treatments are starting to become available on the National Health Service.

If you’re interested in using homeopathic treatments, here’s some good places to start and some links for information

A great web site to start with to learn more is 1-800 It’s useful and informative and they recently started a blog.  Two other companies who create homeopathic products in the USA are Boiron and Hyland’s homeopathy

Dana Ullman is a nationally known homeopath in the USA and currently contributes regularly to his column at the Huffington Post.

Debby Bruck has created an excellent and informative website called the Homeopathic World Community.  Homeopaths from all over the planet join to discuss their work, and the main page always has up-to-date and informative videos.

There are naysayers and international campaigns to try and suppress homeopathy once again – that’s because in so many instances it works and people get better

I know homeopathy works, because I’ve tried it many times and it has worked, many times.  The healing properties of a remedy can be subtle, and sometimes friends will say ‘Oh, it just got better by itself’.  I’ve heard those words many times after someone has taken a homeopathic remedy!

There is now increasing scientific evidence into the efficacy of homeopathic treaments based on new groundbreaking research into the nature of energy.  Click here for an interesting read if you like the science.

Did you know that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy has a memorial dedicated to his work in Washington DC?Homeopathy

There is an impressive memorial that stands to the east of the Scott Circle, near the cross section of Massachusetts and Rhode Island Avenues in Washington DC, honoring Samuel C. F. Hahnemann’s work.

The pedestal bears the well-known principle of homeopathy, expressed in the Latin phrase, similia similibus curantur (“like cures the like”).  Perhaps more of us in the future will come to appreciate the ground-breaking work that this man created!

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