My shaggy dog story – or how I found the perfect dog for us using energy

Our shaggy dog story

Our rescue dachshund Pickle has been with us for two years now.

Our family had wanted a dog for a while, but my oldest girl was definitely dog nervous after a couple of bad experiences so I knew we needed to pick the right dog, both for her and as a match for our family’s energy.

Kansas Humane Society, Wichita

I wanted to rescue a dog – I’ve seen enough stories of puppy mills to know that I didn’t want to support that industry, so I regularly scanned The Kansas Humane Society’s online photo pages in Wichita.

Then one day, Pickle’s picture came up. (She was called Cookie then).

My oldest immediately responded to the quiet energy of the dog in the picture and said that she would find that dog ‘acceptable’. My younger girl insisted I go the next day or the dog would be gone.

Despite a fair bit of snow on the ground and the January chill, I made an appointment and drove out to the KSH site the next day to see the dog

I was the first in line of four people who wanted to take her home, so after meeting her I put a deposit down straightaway so that the girls could see her the very next day after school.

She was equally delightful with the girls, despite being stressed out and overstimulated by the KSH surroundings greeting them and offering her belly for rubs, and came home with us as soon as I could arrange it.

I worked hard to settle her in, I am a big fan of Cesar Millan’s work.  If you want to know more about how to make a dog comfortable using dog language and energy, here’s the article I wrote at the time from my Personal Energy Practice blog.

shaggy dog storyWhat continues to surprise me about her are the needs she meets that we didn’t even know we had!

Pickle has quietly assumed many family jobs and tasks which a dog offers to humans with grace and love.

Here’s some examples, some obvious, some not so obvious

  • Crumb picker-upper under the table
  • Curled up companion for movie watching (although she prefers to be under the blanket completely unless the popcorn is out)
  • Hot water bottle – see above – and when I was sleeping on the floor near the girls’ rooms when they had the flu, Pickle was in the bottom of my sleeping bag every night keeping my feet warm.
  • Player reminder-er. Ever seen a dachshund trying to gather up a well-chewed toy and bring it to you? It’s darn cute as well as a great reminder of the energy of play! And when we play this dog is careful with her teeth, too. She’s fast with the toy and usually wins grab-it.
  • A dog of many faces. I swear she’s related to Gromit of Wallace and Gromit fame. Her eyebrows, eyes and body posture transmit many different messages.
  • Reminds me how to be patient. House dogs have to be.
  • Shows me how to stay grounded. Each day she’ll ask to go out into our garden, simply to lay in the sun and ground. (Not in the cold though, no thank you). Thanks when I get the facial message ‘Are you INSANE?’. 🙂
  • Shows us how to take care of ourselves. Sleep is good. Rest is good. When there’s dinner, she’s ready! She also finds the warmest spots in the house for the winter, the coolest for the summer.
  • Do you know where the nicest sun spots are in your house for laying in? Pickle does!
  • Helper of sick children or adults. When one of us is sick, she will crawl up onto us and if possible lay on or near the afflicted place. I believe she’s therapy dog material.
  • Howler extra-ordinaire. I played with her one day and discovered her frequency. Now we have howling sessions.  Good for everyone!
  • We must have fresh air and a walk. It’s good for everyone, including me.  Not when it’s snowing or very rainy though (back to that facial expression – you whaaaat?).
  • She warns me of people she doesn’t like when we’re out walking. Not to mention dogs. Her instinct is unfailing.
  • Doorbell. And what sort of bark – does she really like the person? Or not… (see above).
  • Official greeter. She’s very social and loved having more people in the house when we had family stay over recently.
  • Peaceful companion. Pickle has this down to an art. Learning from her with awe.

Pickle on Howliday

One day I was playing with Pickle and found the frequency that makes her howl – here we are having an energy exchange!

Dogs are healing and humbling creatures and connect with our Personal Energy in a very special way

What jobs and task does your dog offer you with Generosity, Grace and Love? What are your dogs’ special qualities? I’d love to hear!

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