Using affirmations – from my 8 year old daughter

Using AffirmationsUsing Affirmations

Affirmations are positively framed words which help influence our state of mind.  Check out my Using Affirmations page for my take on how to apply them in life.

Using Affirmations from my 8 year old daughter (well, 8 and a half!)

Arianna wrote these affirmations for me last week when she saw me getting overwhelmed and stressed.  I think I may frame them!

She used Easter bunny stickies and creatively turned them into a book.

In the meantime I’m going to share them here with you to let their magic spread into your brain chemistry…and others.

Always nice to be taught a lesson on using affirmations from my children and a reminder to get out of my own head.  Enjoy!

Using Affirmations – built around Arianna’s view of how we first need to BELIEVE in ourselves

1.  Believe (see picture above).

2. Using AffirmationsTrust Yourself.  To make it a reflexive I experience, try…

I trust myself or

I can rely on myself

Even, I trust my Inner Guidance.


Interesting to note how the shape and color is effective when using affirmations this way… only noticed this as I’m scanning these on here.

3. Trust your heart not your head.

Using AffirmationsAgain, use the reflexive I construct when using affirmations.

(You can try both by saying them to yourself with your eyes closed, you’ll notice a difference).

I trust my heart.

(You can leave the negative construct out of the language e.g. ‘not your head’ when using affirmations, or replace it with…

I trust my heart.  My mind is balanced and clear.

From the EMF Balancing Technique®, we would say

I feel with my mind and think with my heart. 🙂

Using Affirmations4. Be the best you can be


So make it the reflexive ‘I’ and also with some sense of future becoming – that puts us under less pressure when using affirmations and opens us to future potentials.

I am constantly becoming the best that I am

I am the best I can be

5. Love, love, love you can always trust

Using AffirmationsWow.  Other than the reflexive ‘I’, how can I possibly improve on this one?

I trust in love, love, love

Or simply…

Love, love, love


I’m so proud of my deep thinking little girl!  (Sniff).

If you want to learn more about using affirmations, here’s a book review of You Can Heal Your Life from Louise Hay, one of my personal favorites.

In the meantime, I hope this gives you some ideas to go on and encourages you and your family to begin using affirmations.

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  1. Wow. That’s all I need to say.
    Made me sniff too :o)

  2. I love this! I never thought of having my children write down affirmations. Well only one of them can write at this point and he simply HATES doing it. I sure try this as they get older. On of the things I do do with them is when they are feeling down on themselves I remind them that they are good kids and can do anything and that they are loved and they are loving. I have them repeat these words so that they know for themselves that it is true. Just never really though of these moments as affirmations. Thanks!

  3. Hi Julie across the pond there!

    Happy to know I made you sniff!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    How wonderful and amazing that Arianna made these to give to you. My children are constantly amazing me with their depth, understanding, growth and maturity and I see that yours do the same for you. They are still children, but the glimpses into depth is awe inspiring. I’m so grateful that I’m learning to get out of my head and into the moment so that I can notice and truly appreciate these gifts from my children. Thank you for sharing the gift from yours. You are doing wonderful things, for us, for your children and for yourself.

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