Why do I have premonitions?

Premonitions – why do I have them?

I’ve had several readers and clients ask more about premonitions after reading this post…  How Do I know if I’m having premonitions or psychic experiences?

Many readers and clients find themselves in a position where they are having intuitive ‘hits’, visions or premonitions about something really scary – like somebody getting sick or dying in an accident for example.

Their question is simple…

‘Why am I having premonitions or seeing these things if I can do nothing about it?’

Premonitions can be scary

It is indeed very distressing to receive premonitions of this nature.

They can be general or more specific, here are some other examples.

I sense an earthquake coming or perhaps a plane crash

I see an aura of illness around a relative

I believe that my friend/relative is going to pass very soon in ___________________ manner (e.g. car accident, suicide, drug overdose, sudden illness).  What do I do?

So why might we see/hear/feel or sense premonitions that are hard to prove and even harder to share with people?

How can we feel good about knowing that somebody we love may pass on soon and that we are powerless to help them even with a premonition?

John Edward (Psychic Medium) has one answer…

The first time I went to see John Edward’s work somebody in the audience asked the exact same question.  She had an intuition that a close friend would pass very soon in a car accident…and on the night she thought it would happen, she told him – and being the good friend he was – he stayed in.

One week later he was in a car accident and passed away as a result.

Understandably this person was upset and confused, and asking the question

‘Why am I having premonitions when I wasn’t able to change anything?’

When we have a premonition we tune into a frequency

John then relayed his experience of thinking he was in an earthquake on the top floor of a CA hotel (glass table and all).

The windows and floor started to move and shake. Since he was on the top floor he just laid down (what else could he do?).

The shaking then stopped and he realized that it was his vision shaking, not the room.  He then realized that he was having a premonition.

He discussed it with his wife and told her that it was an island, a big one…but he didn’t know which one.

A short period of time later the Fukushima Hamadori earthquake and tsunami happened (check name).

I can only imagine how he must have felt.

His answer to the lady in the audience was that

We are able somehow to tune into this frequency and see what we see. There’s no rhyme or reason to it – we just do’.

He also explained that if this lady felt in any way responsible for her friends’ passing – it was not true.

So how to gain comfort when you receive a distressing premonition?  The 5 exit points

Sometimes we can only gain comfort later when we have put the pieces together afterwards.

Who are we after all to control others’ lives in this way if we believe in a Higher Power?

Acceptance may come from this teaching I’ve heard from several different spiritual teachers…that we are born into the Earth School with 5 different exit points, or opportunities to pass.

Some people take the first exit, others wait until the last opportunity…and it’s all tied up with our Free Will and our Soul’s choices and intentions.

That gives me a certain amount of comfort on the Journey.

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